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Brittany Tijerina

Wellness Coach





1124 Glade Rd. Suite 140

Colleyville, Texas 76034

A Bit About Me

Brittany has always been athletic, since a young age. She began studying fitness; weight lifting, HIIT, bodyweight training, nutrition, etc., after high school and discovered the world of bodybuilding. She went on to compete in 6 shows and 1 national level competition. During this time, she was also working as a personal trainer at her local gym, training adults and children, while studying to become an EMT-basic. After 3 years, she studied Paramedicine and got her degree from Weatherford College - at the top of her class. She aspired to prep for a final competition, to which she began to have serious health complications, not related to her prepping. No stimulants, steroids, or other medications/drugs were used, nor ever have been used, during any prep she's undertaken. Brittany began experiencing more serious symptoms. Short story; she consulted 5-6 different specialty and ED physicians, while being rushed to the ED on 2 occasions for sudden drops in blood pressure that caused her to pass out. Each physician continued to ensure her that everything looked normal. She couldn't work for almost 2 months, which affected her ability to care for her family. She had no answers, she had no solution for her continued, severe health concerns. Brittany began preparing her will, while refusing to give up. She began researching natural and holistic remedies, seeking out experts in these fields; studying. She changed her entire outlook on health and wellness, and implemented her new teachings onto herself. And, miraculously, her symptoms began to fade without the use of any over-the-counter medications or prescriptions, further doctor visits, etc. 


What she is bringing to the table is education and guidance through the use of natural means, when conventional medicine no longer suits you. There's a place for conventional medicine. Her career is proof of that. Functional medicine steps in when other forms of medicine are no longer providing you relief. She is not here to mask your symptoms. She is here to rid you of them.


Her symptoms over the course of 4 years included:


-hair loss/thinning

-chronic fatigue

-brain fog

-poor memory and concentration


-difficulty sleeping

-inability to lose weight/weight gain

-full body inflammation/water retention

-food sensitivities

-joint pain


-dry eyes

-shortness of breath

-chest pain

-numbness/tingling in extremities

-blood pressure concerns

-skin rash

-neurological and involuntary twitching 

-hormone disruptions

-gastrointestinal upset




-low libido


-night sweats


-cold hands/feet

-leaky gut


She has healed herself using these methods.Brittany is here to guide you through the process to do the same. You already look good on the outside; lets help you glow from the inside out.

Qualifications, Certifications and Diplomas

  • Licensed Paramedic

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • 10 + Years Experience in Health & Fitness

  • 2 + Years Experience in Naturopathic/Functional Medicine

  • Current Student with Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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