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Laser Treatments

We offer a range of laser skin treatments, which safely and effectively address skin resurfacing (reversing early signs of sun damage, correcting uneven pigmentation, and improving the general tone and texture of skin), hair removal and Skin Sheek (getting ride of spider veins, broken capillaries, and any irregular skin growths).

Laser resurfacing is a facial rejuvenation procedure that uses a laser to improve the skin’s appearance. This treatment can address fine lines and wrinkles, age and sun spots, uneven skin tone or texture, sun-damaged skin, and mild to moderate acne scars.

Our licensed medical esthetician will work with you directly to recommend the best treatments to achieve your facial rejuvenation objectives and goals. If this is your first time receiving a laser treatment with us we do require a Medical Exam to be on file. This will be done in house and we will go over everything with you. 


 15 minutes , 30 minutes , or 60 minutes treatment times

Intense Pulse Light is referred to as a photo facial or Skin Rejuvenation, which uses the power of broadband light (Laser) to improve the appearance of pigmentation in the epidermal layer. IPL creates change beneath the surface of the skin, where the light and heat reduce the appearance of blood vessels and unwanted pigmentation, as it stimulates collagen production. IPL is a safe and effective treatment with little to no downtime. 


Small , Medium , Large Area's

IPL wavelengths are drawn to hair and reduce the amount of hair. Six to ten sessions taken four to six weeks apart are required for optimum results. Complete hair removal may require six to nine treatments in some cases. Results are achieved without pain. Mild discomfort may occur, in which case a lower frequency can be used.


Treatment of Skin Irregularities/Growths

Do you have Skin Tags, Brown Spots, Broken Capillaries (Red Spider Veins), Cherry Angioma (Red Moles), raised bumps on the skin, or Warts? Our licensed Aesthetician who is certified in using ‘Skin Sheek’, has the perfect treatment for you! The ‘SkinSheek‘ treatment can achieve results that most other treatments cannot. You will be amazed with your new clear, smooth skin – absent of conditions you thought were permanent, or too costly to treat.